New Game!! – First Impressions

This is written having only seen the first episode. There will be spoilers for the first episode of ‘New Game!!’

Before it aired

Before ‘New Game!!” aired I was obviously very hyped, this wasn’t just some new show after all but a sequel and the first had been loved by many. So hype was there, and the second season had a lot to live up too. If you’ve read my ‘new Game!’ Review then you’ll know that I gave it a 10/10 so obviously it had a lot to live up to, despite that though I am able to be realistic, it is just a first episode and will be judged as such.


Play by Play

We open very similarly to the first season with good ol’ Aoba heading into work on the train, getting off and waving though un-detailed people before reaching eagle jumps building. And to continue the parallels she even has an embarrassing encounter with Rin as she stands out the front trying to think of what she’ll say to the new employees now that she can be a senpai in the workplace. However her dreams are crushed as Rin informs her that there will be no new employees this year as eagle jump isn’t that big of a company to hire new full time people every year.

We are then treated to some more parallels as Aoba runs into Kou sleeping in her panties and we get a tracking shot of said panties as Kou moves into a sitting position, it’s a little intense but the show did its fair share of it last season so it’s not too surprising to see. Rin offers Aoba a coffee and this time she asks for milk and sugar and explains to Kou that she thinks black coffee tastes bad. Which is great at showing the mutual respect they share for each other now as Aoba doesn’t have to lie and try silly things to try and make herself seem more mature.


Then of course we need to go through the thing every first episode goes through and that’s just briefly reintroducing the characters to us. It’s the usual stuff, they show up one by one and just do a little something to show off their personality, a situation is created for their full name to be said aloud and then the next person comes along, I get why it needs to happen and I can’t really fault the show for it, plus the characters are as lovable as ever so seeing them just being themselves isn’t really an issues and it’s not too far off how the show goes on a normal basis anyway.

First off is Hajime who comes in and shows off her outgoing personality as well as showing excitement for new recruits, it actually makes a lot of sense for Hajime to think there would be new recruits as she’s only been at the company for two years and they got Aoba last year so as far as she’s concerned they should get at least someone. So Hajime kinda jumps around and acts eccentric and it’s ended off with a nice boob bounce because of course it is.


After this Yun shows up and before she even gets to show off her personality Hifumi shows up and starts freaking out about the new people and what if they’re awful and that kinda stuff, and again I really don’t like Hifumi and I don’t like that Yun kinda got side stepped so they could show basic bitch be a basic bitch for a few seconds.

We are treated to the girls wondering what the next project will be before Umiko shows up wondering where Hazuki is like usual, as always I love Umiko and her deadpan dialog. Kou wonders why Umiko would want Hazuki to see her work so soon as they’ll have plenty of time to be busy once a new project stars and that for now they can mostly take it easy.

This of course is used to set up a discussion of what the girls should do to relax and although we still need a beach episode they end up going with doing a Cherry Blossom Viewing instead. Which is fine as long as we do get a beach episode later, cause that just has to happen at some point.


Then we see Hazuki concerned about the next project as she seems to not have ideas or something of the sort as we don’t actually get to see her finish the thought before she starts freaking out over seeing Hifumi smiling and thinking it’s cute and of course in her usual Hazuki fashion she starts taking photos of Hifumi, she also asks what style of game the girls would like to work on next. This scene plays out in a flat chibi style that I really enjoyed, as usual the animation is consistent and good throughout.


Now this next part is where the episode gets to the best part and keep in mind I’m totally bias with this. We see Nene spying on Umiko from across a road and based off her dialog we can conclude that the two are meeting up but Nene wants to try and surprise her. I also like that during this scene she uses a scope from a gun to watch her, I assume it’s from the gun that Umiko gave her at the end of the last season.

Then Umiko spots her, calls her and messes with her for a bit, point out how she’s behind Nene only for her to turn and see nothing before Umiko then appears behind her. I love seeing the two interact and it was my favorite dynamic from the first season and I still love it here, the two are so different but they work so well together and Umiko has a smile on her face the whole time and Nene while annoyed that she was found seems to have enjoyed it anyway.


They then go to a cafe together and it’s totally a date, I don’t care what anyone says they’re definitely going on a date together and they’re both super gay and I love them. We then get more adorable gayness as they feed each other food, Nene is cute and adorable the way she openly leans forward saying “ahh!” as well as how she reacts to tasty food and Umiko is adorable the way she acts super shy but still totally enjoys whats happening.


But what’s really the purpose of this meeting, well it was Nene that has called out Umiko because she wanted help with a hobby project she was doing. Which is actually making a game and she can’t quite get something to work right and then Umiko being the programming pro she is points out the issue and Nene starts to work on it and this might mean that eventually Nene is going to work for eagle jump as a programmer under Umiko in the same division as her and if so, I’m on board for that, I just thought they would keep bringing her back for play testing but if she becomes a full time employee and can be a part of the project from the beginning then all the better.

Also Nene still has her Shark bag, this is important!


The show seems to want to focus on Hifumi some more which if done right is a good thing, for starters I really didn’t like her in the first season because she was super basic and generic, that’s why I called her a basic bitch earlier. The whole shy girl thing is just way too overdone in anime and after the first few episodes she just become irrelevant anyway. Now she’s getting some development that’s related to here being less shy and more open and if the show actually sticks with it then that would be really cool and maybe I won’t dislike her as much, the only reason why I think this might not actually go anywhere is because a lot of people like Hifumi and it’s cause she’s a basic bitch so they might not actually get her out of that fully.


Next we are treated to more character moments as Hazuki and Rin interview all the main characters (and I assume the other employees) asking how they felt about the recent project and any feedback for the next one. I’ll touch on them all as lightly as possible as I know this has been a bit story telly but I feel like it’s the best way to review single episodes like this, run through it and praise or condemn it when hitting those points.

During Aoba’s interview only point of interest is her asking why there are only girls and then Hazuki says if Rin would be able to handle a guy coming in and possibly stealing Kou away which then pays off during Kou’s interview as Hazuki points out the good chemistry Kou has with Rin and then Rin ends up having an outburst saying that if Kou ever decides to get marry she should just be honest about it while her eyes are watering and I’m a bit surprised by this scene. I could be wrong but I don’t remember the last season being this openly gay, it was definitely gay but the show doesn’t feel like it’s just undertones anymore, seems way more apparent overall.


Hifumi gets offered to become the lead character designer which makes sense since Rin is moving on to producer and Kou is taking over as art director, Hifumi gets way to shocked over this to respond and it’s never addressed again within the episode, but someone has to take over the role so I can only assume that it’s going to be Hifumi or maybe one of the new characters we saw in the promotional art that didn’t show up in the first episode at all but I find that unlikely.

Umiko gets promoted to lead programmer however she takes it under the condition that she gets to forehead flick Hazuki every time she changes the specs in order to make her more responsible with changes and not do them all the time whenever she felt like it. Which actually leads to a really good line as after Hazuki agrees she then internally thinks “I, Hazuki Shizuku, had no idea then that I would come to rue the day that I blithely agreed to have my forehead flicked.” which gave me a really genuine and good laugh.


Hajime actually hands in a game proposal that obviously gets rejected as its got way too many base problems to even be considered but Hazuki says it’s good that she has passion for it and asks that she continues to try and improve the proposal and would look at them once improved. Hajime also looked really cute too as she nervously sat there waiting as the proposal was being read and then as she was hearing the feedback.

Yun also gets an interview but nothing much at all really happens but she says that her little siblings liked the game and it made her happy and it also made me happy. She also talks about kinda landing in the job by chance and not really sure of her position or what she should do which I can relate to strongly at the moment.

Lastly we have the cherry blossom viewing which doesn’t really have too much going on for it except a few people getting drunk, Aoba trying to act like she can handle wasabi and Hajime has already revised her game proposal, again showing her passion for it. Hopefully one day the proposal will get good enough and we might actually see them make it. Lastly we find out that there’s going to be a character design competition held within the company and Aoba seeing this as her chance to design a main and important character decides that she’s going to aim for it. Also by the way companies actually do this all the time, I saw some people say it seemed weird but it’s actually common practice to hold competitions within a company so that lower ranked employees or people from different divisions can have influence on different parts of a game.



The Animation is as good as it’s always been, it has its moments where the animation gets overly good for a moment just like last time and overall it’s pretty much the same and that’s fine as it still looks great.

All the voice talent is the same so again no chances there it’s as good as always and I’m just really happy with everyone’s performance, they all understand their characters well and have the perfect voice to fit them. From Umiko’s more deep and deadpan voice to Nene’s cute high-pitched voice to Kou and Rin who sit somewhere in the middle of those two and even the slight ways people say things always seems to fit perfectly and I love it.


Then we get treated to the ending theme and it’s pretty good, we get to see a bunch of different short skits based off different dynamics within the show, stuff like Rin making Kou try on a series of different clothes and then taking photos of her in those clothes, the 3 girls of the art team and Hajime talking and it looks like working on the competition, Nene walking past Umiko’s work space and tripping over a wire which pulls it out of the socket, stuff like that.


We also see some shots of the two new characters we saw in promotional art that didn’t show up. Ones with Nene and they smile at each other and then the other new girl looks off from a distance and seems upset or mad. Which makes me worried that these two girls might like Nene which I would most definitely not like. As I made clear earlier I really like Umiko and Nene’s relationship.

But just like with the first season the ending theme is really good and pretty and I love it, like most of the show I guess. Overall I really enjoyed this first episode, I had a big dumb grin on my face the whole time and I can’t wait for the second episode even though I’m ending this kind of late and the second episode is out by the time I’ve posted this.

I don’t enjoy giving out ratings but I guess I need to give it something for people who feel the need to see one, in that case for the first episode as a first episode I give it a perfect 10/10, I enjoyed it a lot, it gave me more then I was expecting and I love the characters as much as I always have and the presentation is still great.



Anime Review | One Room [Re-post]

Warning: the following review may contain spoilers.

This is a re-post of a review originally posted April 24th 2017

One Room doesn’t seem to know who it wants to appeal to and also has no idea how to do a romance anime and doesn’t even use its unique POV perspective well.


One Room is an early 2017 short form original anime that’s 12 episodes long and backed by Smiral Animation, each episode is roughly 4 mins long and it aired from January 11th to March 29th of as stated before, 2017.


One Room before it aired was a show I was looking forward too, it claimed to be a POV (Point of View) Anime which goes through three different stories each relating to a different girl and watch as that girl grows or changes and eventually ends up with the protagonist which is meant to me via the POV. minus the middle girl who doesn’t end up with you because she’s your sister, you goddamn weeb weirdos, lol.

Anyway the premise is kinda neat but only because it hasn’t really been done before and because I had no pass memory to base this off of, after all decisions are made based off memories in relation to the current situation so I had no reason to think that this show was going to be bad while I did had reasons to think it would be good, such as the cute girls and the rarely used POV perspective which I personally have never seen done although I’m sure it has been before.

However within just the first episode I realized that it wasn’t really what I had thought it was, for starters it’s not always in the POV perspective so if you think that this show can get by on innovation alone you are wrong as it doesn’t stick with it, we get more separate shots made to look good, shots that can only be achieved by a camera and shots that just don’t make sense if it’s meant to be POV, so the show kinda flip flops between different perspectives and that means that while this innovation is neat, it’s not really a huge point of the show.

This does mean we never see the protagonist and it’s meant to make it easier to self insert but I personally find this protagonist harder to relate to and self insert myself into then other protagonists that actually have a name and face already applied to them. But I’ll come back to why in a bit.

First of I wanna talk about each individual story and then after we break those down I’ll move on too the girls related to each story. So the first story has us getting up and going to the door as our new neighbors at our apartment complex has gone to welcome herself. She says that shes moved to Tokyo in order to go to university and that her trial exams are coming up soon.

Eventually we end up walking with her and help her with her bags as she’s coming home from shopping. eventually we get to the house and she asks us to help her study and that’s basically the entire point of this first third of the show, we help her study, we grow a little closer and in the end she confesses that she has feelings for us and it ends there.

The protagonist never speaks dialog that we hear but due to how she talks and interacts with us its implied that there is in fact dialog that is spoken by us but the show doesn’t use any of it. This is a really dumb way of handling things, I know it’s meant to be a self insert character and my god how many times am I gonna be saying that. Anyway I get why it was done however there’s no point when the other characters interact with us and respond to things that are being said, meaning that he’s definitely still saying something, we just don’t know what it is and that doesn’t feel like me then cause I always know what I’m saying. obviously.

The other problem this brings up is the fact that what if it gets it wrong, a lot of the ways in which characters respond is written carefully so that the audience can tell what is going on while still missing half the conversation but they can alo have multiple ideas in there head about how the protagonist worded whatever it was that he said, this is done to again assist with the self insertion but it doesn’t work that well when while it could’ve been worded a multitude of ways and yes could’ve also had a multitude of implications and tone behind it, it still contains a base meaning due to the way the conversation flows and the characters responds, there is still some meaning to what was said and intent behind it that at a fundamental level can’t be changed.

Because there is still clear meaning in order to make the conversation flow and the story progress it’s possible for the protagonist to say or do something that doesn’t line up with what I would do, for example at one point in the second arc when his little sister is over it’s a very hot day and she asks why you won’t turn the air con on which you do have, it’s just unplugged and then she mutters “saving power huh, you could at least turn it on while I’m here” now it’s fairly easy to get by with less money than what you usually have, skip some meals and buy less expensive food and while it may not be as pleasant you can get by.

If i was a bit older and lived by myself and my little sister was over to visit and was complaining about it being hot then I would turn the aircon on for her and if it ended up costing me more I would be able to make do because I obviously care about my sister and a lot like in this show there’s a huge age gap between me and my real sister so I would obviously see her as a much smaller person who I want to take good care of so I wouldn’t want to make her be hot or unpleasant even more so since I can’t stand the heat, it drains my energy.

Now obviously that is an extremely personal and specific situation that not everyone is in. However that was just one example of why having the character not talk only makes the situation worse, we lose out on dialog and have to do extra un needed guessing in order to make the protag more relatable but it fails because it gets it so wrong. I’m sure if you want it then you’ll be able to find one or more situation like this that is completely off base and that’s why I feel the need to mention and I also need to justify my score after all and let you know what you’re getting into.

It also doesn’t even take the extra weeby route so I have no idea what kind of audience this anime is trying to appeal too, but it ain’t working for me.

So the story of the first girl is actually the worst and the first girl is also the worst, it may just be that they’re independent of each other or maybe one is dragging the other down but overall it makes the first arc the worst but at least the show gets better as it goes with the third and final arc being the best.

As I’ve stated you help the girl study and this makes no sense to me, as someone who didn’t do the best in school (cause I was busy drawing comics or writing stories) and now does a writing course I have no idea how I would be able to help a young japanese girl pass an entrance exam for a Tokyo school, the Tokyo area of japan is extremely competitive and japanese levels of education and the harshness of exams is insane so I have no idea how I’m expected to help the poor girl.

Again it’s a personal thing but this show wants me to be the protagonist so what can I do but explain why it’s wrong for me on a personal level and hopefully you can see how it is and how it relates to me and be able to decided on your own if it will make it more relatable for you or not.

Another way I distance myself from this protagonist is that when Yui (the first arc girl) first greets us we are in POV mode and the camera looks at her, scans her from top to bottom and then goes back and lingers on her chest for a while, now I get it the whole point of this show is that it’s just pure weeb waifu fantasy BS, but it just made cringe a little and this isn’t the only time the show gets a little too creepy for me.

there’s not much else to talk about for the first arc, I’ll talk about Yui specifically a bit later so for now let’s move onto the second arc, its for all the lolicons and siscons out there who want there own little imouto to protect and take care of and be weirdly attracted to. Now I personally have a little sister who’s like 15 years younger than me which overall just made me like this second arc less than I otherwise would of in some specific areas, but overall I liked it more than the first girl and the little sister isn’t super young or anything, I think the show gives us an age or year level but be damned if I know but if I had to guess I’d say she was at least in middle school.

The little sister has a full name which is Natsuki Momohara, well that’s not my last name but it had to be the protagonists last name since it’s the last name of her sibling, wow, this definitely feels like it’s me. I’m not saying that giving a sister should of been off limits, but you didn’t have to give her a last name. sure this won’t be as much of a problem in Japan obviously, but more people don’t have that last name then people who do, so that’s not a defence.

The little sister arc is a little weird, it’s the only one where the protag doesn’t end up with the girl who is the focus of the arc since you know, it’s his sister. Which has never stopped anime before but it does here, to an extent. The show still sexualises her like theres no tomorrow. Which is my main problem with this arc, shes meant to be my little sister and I have a real little sister so watching the sexualised shots and angles that the show pulls off (again pulling away from the POV) just make me cringe, one episode went to town with it and did it a multitude of times and was really pushing the boundaries there and it just didn’t feel right.

Another reason why the second arc is held back by the sister is the fact that it means nothing f$&king happens. It’s just Natsuki sitting at the apartment doing nothing and then we come home and there’s a bit of conversation, maybe a few lewd shots of her and then the episode ends. Yui and after this Moka both have a goal and there’s a reason for them to be doing what they’re doing and while this is better then Yuis arc, it did feel like there was more going on with her.

Overall she comes over, eventually decided to stay a little longer, compiles some rules that we should live by and ends up leaving after watching a firework display, and then she’s gone and nothing changed, doesn’t help that each arc seems to be an alternate reality making the middle arc completely and utterly useless, at least if it was all the same universe then we’d have those rules to live by that she made even after she had left.

Lastly is good old Moka and Moka is the best girl and also has the best arc for multiple reasons. First off she’s the most cute which for anyone who’s read my New Game! Review, knows how much of a plus that is, haha. She also actually has some depth to her and a goal that she’s working towards that’s more grand then just university.

Also for some reason in this universe we’re a writer which is actually pretty cool for me and again that’s a personal thing but that makes it a little more relate-able since I too am a writer. Overall the Protag doesn’t do that much in the third arc which again only helps it since we get to focus on Moka and her struggles and the issues she’s dealing with, which is how she’s able to have some depth despite getting only 4 episodes each 4 mins long taking out time for the outro.




So since this arc is all about Moka I’m gonna dive into the characters now and talk about Moka first since we’re on it. So Moka is a childhood friend of ours who we once promised to write a book for, we said we would make a book where she is the main character while she is pursuing a singing career and she’s really good at singing, she also uses a keyboard for her music, so more personal bonus points from me.

We get the generic “you said you would marry me when you were older” stuff but overall Moka lets the show tackle some interesting issues, it’s a shame the show is short though cause it can only really mention them and hope the viewer picks up on them and then thinks about it once the episode is over, but it still does cram a lot into Moka’s dialog and I love it.

The main one that stood out the most for me is her state of stagnation, she has been working on her dream since she was young and her goal hasn’t changed at all however she is unable to make good progress on it, one episode when she’s drunk and complaining about it she calms down for a moment and asks “isn’t it good to meet someone who also hasn’t changed since you were little” she of course means how we also still wish to be a writer and it’s implied that we have gotten no where as well.

This question poses a pretty strong issue which is that while it may be nice for us to be reunited and realise that everything is the same and as we remember it, the world has changed and the world needs us to change, we can’t be little kids anymore, we need to succeed in out job so that we can pay the bills and continue our lives in a comfortable manner. It’s the want for things to stay simple but for our jobs and goals to progress but they can only move once you leave the past behind and become an adult but then there’s the fear of change and knowing that once you go forward you can’t go back.

Mokas calm delivery and the way the music stops and then the way she falls down on to her bed all implies that this is indeed the intention behind this line and I’m glad the show found a way to cram stuff like this into its small run time and it definitely had me thinking since stagnation is something that I too both wish for a dread due to its different effects and aspects, the good should stay good and the bad should change, but it’s either that everything changes or nothing does.

The arc ends with us writing our manuscript where Moka is the protagonist and we go see her and then the show ends with her coming to live with us, it’s a nice ending to both the arc and the show and I’d like to think that this is the canon ending as its just done so much better and I don’t feel nearly as dictated from the protagonist, which is funny cause this is where he is given the most pre determined things. He’s a writer and has a childhood friend as well as a past and memories all decided by the show that could be off base completely, yet this is where I like him the most and he doesn’t do a bunch of talking that we miss out on since Moka talks a lot due to the short run time and her need to explain her situation and her need to develop as well as giving the lines that help give the shows its theme and issues to tackle.



Ho boi is she a bland character, she’s the most generic anime girl ever. I guess the show wanted to start with that since it would explain the idea behind the show the best and would be a good way to hook those lame ass weebs who are super easy to manipulate. Overall though Yui is super bland, she just shows up and does the good girl thing of greeting her neighbours and then instantly wants out help with studying.

Again it’s one of the worst aspects of her arc, the whole point is that we help her study but that would not be the case for me or for majority of usual weebs as they tend to be pretty dumb and reject there studies like the fools they are, so why is the arc that puts the most focus on the POV and is really trying to make the character be you, fail so bad at it, it’s insane.

But Yui does have like one good moment, it’s when she finds one of our porno mags and without opening it she knows what it is and is able to understand why we would have it, she doesn’t slap us or call us a horrible person and she knows what it is which is a much more realistic way for a girl to react, most people of her age know what porn is however most anime girls are dumb tsun’s and so they do dumb things, this kind of reaction is much more real.

But Yui seeming like a real girl are few and far between, shes either 17 or 18 since she’s applying to college and we have a full blown job so I assume we’re meant to be at the very least 21 years old so the whole romance factor just feels really weird, now 18 to 21 isn’t that big of a jump nor should it be weird but she is not drawn like she’s 18. I know it’s common that making a girl moe and cute has the side effect of making them look younger but I’ve seen enough anime to understand how much Moe has an effect on this and I can usually tell what an anime girl’s age is meant to be even if they look younger than that, however even when I flick this switch she still seems way too young and it’s goddamn creepy that she would be in a relationships with this person.



Okay so lastly we have Natsuki, I actually like her more then Yui her arc just suffers since she’s the only female character present in an arc for a romance anime, however she’s the sister of the only male character present, so the plot itself can’t do anything, however she still has some good moments.

Natsuki is a pretty usual littler sister, she has the generic tsun going on and is the cheeky little sibling type so at a base level she’s pretty generic but there are points were her actions parody those of the generic little sister role. For instance at one point you come home and she does the typical thing of “what do you want first, your meal, your bath or… me” however after these shots and natsuki strikes a pose nothing happens for a few moments before she starts to make a weird face and then starts yelling about how she’s also embarrassed by it.

We then find out that she wasn’t actually meaning that but just trying to cheer us up since her friend told her that no guy would be sad after being asked that. This is a pretty real reason for why a kid would do something and she gets pretty embarrassed by it and didn’t even mean the very thing she asked which is pretty funny and a nice play on it.

This doesn’t save her though as she still does do some generic stuff like when she sees the girly magazines she gets really mad and ends up throwing them out but to the shows credit we only found out that she did this from a throw away line that is quickly forgotten about when we tell our sister to just go home which she misunderstands to help set up a manufactured cliffhanger ending to an episode.

Also at one point we come home busy after work and while in bed natsuki gives us a message, it’s either after work or when we come home drunk a lot of the same shit happens in her arc so I’m sure but it doesn’t matter for what I’m explaining. The point is that this is the episode that goes to town with the border line lewd shots of her as she messages us, things like when she slightly more bent forward we get a front shot of her low hanging shirt and it’s just like, seriously.

When the show was airing I despised this arc, it was the horrible and after this specific episode I was considering dropping it, I’m glad I didn’t cause her arc was over fast and then we got to best girl, however this was mainly because for me this arc lasted 4 weeks, however once the show was done and I rewatched it for this review I found this arc much more enjoyable, I didn’t sit on a week thinking about those horrible shots and just got through the show in no matter of time and overall the sister is cute and pretty likable.



One last look at the protagonist too, here’s the main problem in a bit better of a summary. We don’t stay in POV the whole time and that’s what kills it, because then we get shots were the protagonist is hidden behind a tree or something so I know that they are there and that its not me. But we relate to pre-built protags all the time but that’s because if you build a character then somewhere along the line there going to have something that you can relate to at the least and since you can see them it’s more easy to sympathise with them.

The protag is a blank shell to be more like me but I can’t get behind that when it doesn’t commit to the POV perspective and so the very few things he does do, if they aren’t in line with me then its got nothing to stand on, which is why once they gave him some more stuff in the third arc like a past relationship and a job and a goal then I wanted him to get the girl and I was happy when he wrote and then presented the manuscript to her.



One thing weird about the show is that it’s got really good lighting, the animation is alright although it’s rather pretty. It’s what dumb weebs think is good animation but the lighting is really good and it’s kinda odd, I also think it has a nice style that a lot of anime has been doing recently where they blur the edges of the screen, I don’t know why it’s become a thing recently but I like it so I don’t mind.

There is no opening theme but there is an ending theme, each episode uses a different single visual that just slides across the screen slowly as the credits roll down, nothing special but the music is pretty good, each arc has a different theme and the third one is easily the best one, it also plays a lot cause Moka sings it twice within an episode while we also still get it at the end, it’s a really good song so I’m glad it was used within the best arc and the arc where we hear the theme the most and it’s played in the last episode for the majority of it.

The voice acting is nothing special, it’s what it needs to be no one is really given anything taxing or hard to do and rarely have to show a huge range of emotions or change, they just need to say there lines and sound real and they do it well enough, it’s not bad but there’s nothing special about it either, it’s a real base line and there’s nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t really help boost the score.



I didn’t enjoy one room that much at first, the start was boring I hated the middle and then only the ending really satisfied me and the last episode is really good if nothing else. In the end the re-watch was much more enjoyable so I’d say if you’re at all interested then check it out because it’s done now and all out there so you can get through it in about the time it takes to watch a full normal episode of any other show so you definitely have the time, just blaze through it and then see what you think, I personally enjoyed the re-watch a bit better, Yui and her arc are still pretty boring but the sister arc performed much better on my re-watch as stated earlier and the lewds didn’t shock me as much either since I knew they were coming and Moka is always great. So in the end I was able to enjoyed it enough.

Anime Review | Mob Psycho 100 [Re-post]

Warning: the following review may contain spoilers.

This is a re-post of a review originally posted March 7th 2017

Mob psycho 100 is a hard review for me to write, not because I won’t do it justice (that’s a given) but because it’s just hard to explain. But I’ll try to explain it to the best of my abilities and hopefully no one will want to crucify me.


Mob psycho is an anime adaptation of a manga that started back in 2012 and is still being written, it was made by ONE, same guy who did one punch man and so the two are often compared, but apart from just then and right now, I won’t be talking about one punch man anymore in this review. This anime however aired in the summer of 2016, it’s just 12 episodes long and you can find the sub on crunchyroll and funimation with funimation also having the dub.


The story is hard to explain, the show has a lot of different small plots, a lot of subplots and no main plot (at least in the beginning) the subplots all come together eventually to form a bigger plot, which leads to some more subplots which all eventually come together again, and through all of these we end up with a situation of Psychics invading a base of an organization made up of other Psychics known as claw, specifically there 7th division I belive.

Every small thing and subplot leads to this much grander plot which takes up the later end of the show and i really like that everything matters and it’s not just a case of subplots stay as subplots and never really amounting to the main plot in any real way.

Every character (that gets a name) is also important and tons of the supporting cast actually have something to and do and help move the plot forward in some way shape or form.

Now as I said it’s hard to talk about mob psycho and we would be here all day if I had to explain all the gears that make this plot machine run but it’s very good and I like the connecting stories it also helps build the world and make it feel more alive and real, it’s very well written.



Now the presentation is easily Mob Psycho’s strongest point. It uses a variety of different styles throughout the show one of which is extremely hard to do and very rare.

The presentation is great because even when it’s just being itself it doesn’t look like your average anime. You see ONE isn’t the best artist, in fact his art isn’t really that good at all, he can’t draw well, he’s getting better over time but it’s not good.

Studio bones went to great lengths to make sure his style was recreated well, they were able to make it look nice while still keeping the simple and slightly off drawing of the characters.

This is further helped by the constantly changing art style, while it sometimes goes really detailed and dramatic but it can also get worse, lose colour and go into a much less detailed and well drawn face, think Nichijou.

It’s really hard to explain just how many styles there are and how much of an impact they have, plus the animation is so freaking smooth, I love smooth animation and let me tell you… This is smooth.

With so many people jumping around and psychic powers flying all over the place it would be really obvious and really bad if the animation wasn’t nice and smooth and had bad flow. Luckily the animators knew what they were doing and the fights and psychic powers look great in action.

Heck Mob Psycho won best fight scene for the anime awards 2016. It really is an amazingly animated show, I can’t believe it didn’t win best animation either, that was some bullshit, but that’s getting off track.

Now let’s get into the music, now I took way too long to write this review and so that might be part of the reason why I don’t remember any of the background music, but yer I don’t remember any of it which is the very opposite of memorable, so I’m gonna say it’s unmemroable.

That’s just how it is but I will admit that it took me ages to write this so that could be apart of the problem. It’s definitely not gonna help me remember it that’s for sure. The opening and ending on the other hand, *deep breath* BOI!

They good.

The opening for mob psycho 100 is easily one of the best anime openings ever made, it’s greatly animated and is done in just a few shots, what I mean by that is that there are very little hard cuts, things morph and transform into different objects and move around to make for some great flow.

Also it is absolutely packed with manga references which is a neat thing for fans of the manga to see and it also gives some nice foreshadowing, however this will only pay off if there are more seasons, which there needs to be.

Also you don’t need to know everything about the manga to enjoy the opening either, as I said I really enjoy it and I don’t know shit about the manga, all that stuff I mentioned before is just cause I do my research.

Now the ending is super important for a very specific reason and that’s the style that it’s done in. It’s done with paint on glass animation which is done by using slow drying oil paint on a sheet of glass and then smearing it over and over in different ways to make all the individual frames.

It’s an extremely hard style of animation to pull off and it’s also extremely rare as only one person in all of Japan is working and professionally trained in it, hence the rarity of it.

I wanna take a quick side note to say that it’s a style used in the show to great effort on stuff like the spirits however I waited till now to talk about it since the entire ending is done like this and it looks amazing.

Not only is it extremely hard to do but it’s also takes a very long time to do. But Mob Psycho blows it out of the water and the style of it along with the dynamic movement that comes of it makes it look really amazing.

The ending also has a lot of small character moments, it focuses on Reigen a character we’ll get to in a bit, in the morning, getting up and doing all the morning stuff before leaving for work and eventually running into mob on the way and that’s where it ends.

The character moments I was talking about are simple things like Reigen drinking some water before pouring the rest into the pot of a plant he has in his house, how he puts his shoes on and how color is restored when he runs into mob. There’s also a great shot of mob slowly growing up, as he has been getting mentored by Reigen from a young age.

It’s a simple yet touching moment as it shows that despite Reigen kinda being a con artist he does actually solve people’s problems and does really care about mob as well. Which helps further push that he only cons people so that they don’t end up falling for a real con that won’t help them, he just helps them and lie about how he did it.

It’s a really good ending and even if you decided not to watch the show I’d say try to find it on YouTube (a little hard since a Bones has been cracking down on Mob Psycho 100 content on YouTube.)

The voice acting is also great, they each feel so right and fit the characters perfectly. Itou Setsuo hasn’t done much but he did Mob really well, he was able to have that monotone vibe he has while also having strong moments where he shows great disdain and rage towards people, mainly the claw members after his brother is kidnapped.

Speaking of his brother, Ritsu’s voice actor Irino Miyu who has done a whole lot of work but is currently on hiatus for studying. He did a really good job on Ritsu, Ritsu has a big important character arc within the show and he changes emotions and feeling a lot, he has a serious complex and Irino did a great job with it.

He was able to cover the huge range he needed to in order to play this boy who has so many angles to him due to his ever changing situation and power complex, but more on ritsu later just know that the voice acting for him was spot on and very strong.

Lastly I also wanna give special mention to Reigen’s voice actor Sakurai Takahiro, an extremely well versed voice actor and if you haven’t heard of him his props been in something you have seen if you have seen a good range of anime.

Him as Reigen is perfect, he is able to pull off the laid back tone that Reigen has while also giving off a vibe of authority and importance. He is the perfect fit for Reigen seeing as Reigen is basically a con man who has a kind heart and acts like he doesn’t care about anything so much to a level where people just think his important.

That might not sound like it makes much sense but just wait till I talk about him and you’ll see what I mean.

Well, the presentation section ran a bit long but it really is where mob psycho shines the most and where it shines the second most is in its characters and after all the small info I’ve been dropping I’m sure you want to learn some more about these guys, so let’s go, characters.



Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama

Makes sense to start with Mob or Shigeo Kageyama. It’s a bit hard to talk about Mob because he has a very monotone voice and doesn’t really do too much. His whole thing is that he’s a psychic and a very powerful one at that.

Mob didn’t have to train or work hard to get good either, he is just extremely talented with psychic abilities, Mob however doesn’t believe that he is extremely special because of these powers, his had them his whole life and he’s had Reigen as a mentor since he was young.

Reigen has taught him that he’s just very good with psychic powers, however everyone is good at something, people are just good at different things and there is no one thing that can make someone more special than anyone else.

Mob also refuses to use his powers in order to harm anyone, at first, he later ends up retaliating at some people and he does also do it sometimes unconsciously when he gets a huge amount of stress put on him.

But the point is that due to Reigen’s teachings mob is a stand up guy who believes in not harming anyone and that just because he is good at something unique that doesn’t make him special.

Mob is basically an inside look on the idea of someone extremely talented who doesn’t think they are and the way that plays on them, for instance Mob actually thinks that his brother Ritsu is extremely special and amazing since Ritsu is able to do all kinds of things and figure out all kinds of issues without having any psychic powers. I could go on but this review is already long and there’s still a lot to go so I’ll move on now.


Ritsu Kageyama

Now Ritsu Kageyama, Mobs brother. Ritsu is my favourite character from Mob Psycho, he has many layers of depth and a very strong character arc. Very early on he just seems like a perfectly normal and nice brother however he actually has a very serious inferiority complex.

This is because he has no psychic abilities at all, he is good at other things, in fact his good at a lot of things, most things, but he has an issue with his lack of psychic abilities which are none as far as he knows.

Ritsu stresses over this idea and eventually with help from Dimple he is able to awaken to his psychic powers, turns out he was simple just a late bloomer of sorts and always had the powers however he needs Dimple to control the output for a while but Ritsu eventually gets a feel for it and is able to use his powers on his own however they are weak compared to someone like Mob or Teruki although strong against just normal humans.

Ritsu, unable to handle this kind of power becomes an eadg lord, this isn’t helped by the fact that the student council president (Ritsu’s the Vice President) makes a plan to frame a thug within the school in order to be able to get rid of him and hopefully improve the overall rating of the school and has Ritsu help, it works. Which leads Ritsu into a dark space.

Due to a series of events a bunch of gangs around town start to search for mob under the code name ‘White T Poison’ this is all very hard to explain without doing way too much story telling cause as I’ve stated the plot is very closely interwoven and every event matters.

But basically they wanna fight him, however Ritsu ends up confronting gangs under this name and with his psychic abilities beats the crap out of them and this leads to a case of misunderstood identity and he gets kidnapped by claw as they think his Mob. Which leads to Mob and Teruki going to save him.

Ritsu also leads a band of other people with weak and small psychic abilities to break out and then in the end help out with the overall fight, however they are mostly useless with only Ritsu, Mob, Teruki, Reigen, and Dimple doing anything of value.

Ritsu however is someone like Teruki who believes that using psychic powers in order to harm others is okay as long as there is a good reason unlike Mob and Reigen who believe there is never a reason that validates harming another human with psychic abilities.

Ritsu is easily the deepest character within Mob Psychos first season, all the others have great death it’s just that Ritsu has a very clear and strong character arc throughout the whole of the season which is important and critical to propelling the plot forward.

Ritsu also eventually learns that he doesn’t need to be better than mob in psychic powers to satisfy his complex as once Mob, Teruki and himself get trapped in a room that invalidates psychic powers Mob says there is nothing to worry about since Ritsu is there and that Ritsu is so amazing that he will find a way out of it since Ritsu can figure anything out despite not having psychic powers.

Ritsu is an extremely talented and smart young man who is held back by the belief that psychic powers make Mob better and worth more than him. Once again it all comes back to that central theme.


Teruki Hanazawa

Teruki is a boy who I believe is the same age as Mob who goes to a different school and at first believes that he is a huge hot shot and extremely special and important due to having psychic powers.

(It’s almost like this show has good writing and a consistent tone, plot and theme. Imagine that, a well written anime.)

Eventually he ends up facing Mob however Mob refuses to respond or retaliate in any way.

Mob instead ties to convince Teruki that his powers don’t make him any better than anyone else however all this does is agitate him further and eventually Teruki just goes absolutely berserk smashing mob through walls and punching him over and over, endlessly abusing him all the time yelling for him to fight back.

Mob stays strong and true to his morals until he ends up unconscious and on the ground however due to the extreme stress of the situation and losing consciousness and thus control of himself he goes into his ???% mode which is even more powerful than his 100% mode.

He ends up absolutely wiping out Teruki and the school they are in however in his last moments he puts it back together and this is the event that gains him the codename of ‘White T Poison’ due to the white tee he was wearing at the time.

So Teruki obviously starts of as a bad guy and this whole event helps him see things differently, he still believes that people with psychic powers are better than mere normal humans however he can see that no matter how good someone is there always someone better and thus he is able to feel and act more like a normal human since he can see that he is nowhere near close to the best and most special person ever.

His hair also suffered damage from his fight with Mob and now he has a wig that goes way too high, it’s ridiculous and it’s great, by end of the season his hair is back to normal since all the extra hair gets cut off during the invasion of the claw division hideout.

As mentioned before Teruki believes that harming others with psychic abilities is justifiable, even after he becomes a good guy he still holds this belief and does so multiple times however all directed at enemies. Teruki is the one who notices something wrong with Ritsu and goes to get Mob and after Ritsu is kidnapped and Mob beaten, Teruki decides to help Mob out with getting Ritsu back and the two invade the claw division hideout and this is where Mob spends sometime actually harming others with his abilities before Reigen shows up and stops him from doing it anymore despite both Ritsu and Teruki screaming for him to fight back as it’s the only way they are going to win since Ritsu is getting easily beaten and Teruki can only hold his own without making any ground.

Teruki is a strong character, like that’s any surprise in mob psycho 100s case. Terukis character arc does basically end once he changes sides and then it’s thanks to this arc that he then helps out and is a part of the rest of the season however in the final episode we can see the beginning of a new arc for him as he decides to help train the group of psychics that got trapped with Ritsu who are extremely weak, weaker even then Ritsu is and he does this in order to help them be able to fight back the next time another division of claw shows up.

Which will definitely happen considering they showed up and wiped out an entire division, they have all made enemies with claw now. The group agree saying they don’t just want to have Ritsu do all the work next time.



Reigen is simply put an awesome character, he’s Mobs mentor and he’s absolutely amazing, he’s also technically a con artist but he’s a con artist for all the right reasons. He helps people out with their problems in a way that actually helps them so that they can’t get conned by a real con man who will just take there money and not even solve their problem.

For example at one point a woman comes in with an issue and after asking a few questions Reigen knows it’s just a simple back problem however this woman believes in spirits and such so she is only going to get conned if Reigen try’s to tell her the truth which she won’t truly believe, so Reigen gives her a massage saying that it’s a way to drive out the spirit and then she feels better after wards, and thinks the spirit is gone plus Reigen gets payed, it’s a win win situation.

He lies to people however he is really helping them out and in the few situations where he does have to deal with a spirit he has Mob to sort that kind of thing out.

Reigen as I’m sure you’re aware by now lives by a very strong moral code about not harming other and not believing you are better then anyone for any reason but simply better at just one specific skill.

Reigen also greatly cares about Mob. Since Mob was young he has been going to see Reigen regularly after one day showing up, saying, and then showing off his powers to Reigen.

Reigen’s greatest moment and something that just shows how good he is, is while mob and Teruki are raiding the claw base Reigen shows up out the front of the base and when the goons questions him he simply says he’s here to see his associates.

Due to the wording and the fact that Reigen is extremely casual and clearly doesn’t care that these people are questing him the goons think it’s the main overall leader of claw who was planning to visit soon anyway so they thought he simply decided to show up early.

The funny thing is that after going through the facility and Reigen pointing out the horrible morals at play and then helping Teruki, Mob and Ritsu to get out of the anti-psychic chamber he has all but gained the loyalty of the goons legitimately and so when the division leaders find out that they were all mistaken he tries to take his anger out on them but Reigen being the guy he is tells them all to run and genuinely cares about if they’re okay and basically destroys the divisions lower ranks all together as they would all much rather follow Reigen.

This also isn’t the only case of Reigen being the one to save everyone, in reality Reigen is the true hero, of this first season at least.

Which helps further emphasis his teachings when they turn out to be right, in fact he beats the higher ups of the division by simply showing that they’re acting like children and not accepting the real world for how it is, with some help from Mob he’s able to withstand their attacks.

Saying how he doesn’t have powers and able to easily take what they’re doing really helps drive the point home and that Reigen was right in saying that you don’t have to use violence to handle these kind of situations, he simply out logics them only using psychic powers given to him from Mob in order to help hammer that point home to them and after all he doesn’t attack any of them, the Psychic power only acts as a shield.

After having been given Mobs powers for a brief while Reigen is now able to see spirits however that’s it and overall the psychic powers he got are all but gone unlike Ritsu who actually awoke to powers and has them naturally.

Overall Reigen is an awesome character who drives a lot of themes and points of the show and is great at hammering them home and being the main true hero of the story by taking apart the organisation by just being the guy he is and using absolutely no violence on his part.



Now Dimple is an interesting character who I didn’t see becoming important at all, at first he’s someone who’s running an underground cult that, like all cults, more or less tricks people into joining, however this is more like hypnosis.

Either way the trick used isn’t able to work on mob at all and mob can see that the cult leader is actually being controlled by an evil spirit and so mob ends up fixing things and then leaves and everyone awakes from the cult they fell into and start to praise mob as they’re God although this hasn’t really been fully explored yet.

After Dimple is taken out he survives and then joins up with Ritsu. He tries to get Ritsu to consent to handing over his body to Dimple so that he can take over and from there eventually work to take over Mob however he didn’t know that he was so weak that he can’t even actually take over Ritsu at all and so instead he does help him out by controlling the output of his powers.

That is until Ritsu decides he wants to pick a fight with mob and Dimple wants no part in that knowing how strong Mob is. Dimple ends up helping mob and Teruki in the claw division attack. After they take out someone Dimple is able to take control of them and uses that to sneak around the facility.

I have to say that Dimple has some pretty funny lines, I wouldn’t say he’s a pure comedic character because most of his quips and responses are just him being him and aren’t exactly funny however at one point he wants to go through a door but some goons find it wierd and his excuse is just that he’s never been through that door before and so he’d like to.

Eventually dimple ends up running into a division leader who captures and has control of evil spirits, Sprite which seem much stronger then Dimple. I gotta say that Dimples fight with this guy is pretty fun and I wish they had done some more with it, hopefully we can get some more next season.

But basically Dimple goes in and out of controlling the guy he was using as a vessel as well as going through the roof and wall at different points for some great manipulation of the battle and it’s really neat to see, even if he does lose at first. I say at first because this guy just ends up locking Dimple in a jar with a bunch of the other spirits and his whole thing is that he keeps whoever wins the battle as another one of his spirits.

Dimple wins and when his let out of the jar he just takes the guy out right away which I like, Dimple like Teruki starts out as a bad guy and in his heart he may still be one, however through a series of circumstances it almost feels like Dimple cares for Mob and Ritsu.

He also did help take out at least one person in claw and so it feels like he’s part of this team of heros.



Overall I did enjoy watching Mob Psycho 100 and while I can admit that the show is extremely well made and has very high production value, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as well as I enjoyed something like New Game!

Mob Psycho is amazingly written and presented and everyone who was a part of it clearly put in a very strong effort and churned out a show that’s amazing in objective terms. However my reviews are subjective and it’s more about my personal experience with a show.

Now I don’t know why I didn’t enjoy it a lot, I think back on it and the show was really good and I understand the great value behind it and as you’ve seen I’ve done nothing but heap praise upon it, but something about it limited my enjoyment and the worst part is that I’m not sure what that limiting factor is.

I think it might just be the lack of fun in the show, like I said all the quips didn’t really seem funny to me and while the great writing is a huge plus for someone like me and I love the characters. It’s all a bit too serious, you saw how often I mentioned the themes of the show and the message it was trying to push, maybe it just spent too much time on that.

Or maybe I’m just pure weeaboo trash who only like shows with moe girls being adorable and gay, who knows.


Anime Review | Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars [Re-post]

Warning: The following Review may contain spoilers.

This is a re-post of a review originally posted January 29th 2017

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars was surprising in a good way, however that doesn’t really change it from what it is, although it does make it more tolerable.


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars which I will henceforth refer to as just Regalia is an original anime series backed by studio Actas, which sounds exciting cause ‘Girls und Panzer’ but unfortunately the result isn’t nearly as good as ‘GuP’ was. It first aired on the 7th of July 2016 and didn’t end till November 24th of the same year lasting for 13 episodes.


Regalia is a show about aliens who come to earth but they look exactly like humans and then some of these aliens can transform into mechas and be piloted by another alien that they are paired with except for the protagonists which are a pair of an alien mecha and a human pilot.

Now Regelia sounds like a generic mecha anime, it even takes place in a monarchy like a lot of mechs tend to. However the aliens and pilots are all girls and they’re also all moe which makes for a rather interesting combo of genres here.

Now the story goes that currently a new empire is ruling but there use to be an old empire, the remains of the old empire are its old queen, the queens little sister, the butler of the house and a mysterious young person, I say person because even now I have no idea what gender this person is, I’ll just go with boy for simplicity sake but note that I can not confirm ‘his’ gender.

Now early on we learn that member of the old empire like the mysterious boy named Johann and the butler like dude Jonathan Marshall use a small sphere object in order to summon a mecha for them to pilot without the need of an alien to do it for them.

The old empire starts its attack on the new empire with the goal of reclaiming what they lost and so the queen finds out that her big sister has actually been an alien this whole time and can turn into a mecha and the two fight back against the old empire.

We also meet other aliens who are there to help and support our protagonist and also those aliens that are there to work against them.

The story is about as generic as you can get for a mecha but the cute girls do help it a lot in terms of enjoyment, it’s easy to just look at all the cute girls and be happy with that.

Which brings me to a common criticism I see towards Regalia which is that the fights in it aren’t very good, now first of all most of the people I saw with this complaint were not very far in and I’d say the last few fights are actually really solid but even without that it all has to do with expectations.

Most people who watch mecha anime are expected there to be some cool fight scenes, because mecha. However I feel like while this is an anime with mechs in it and a generic mech like story set up it it doesn’t do very many mecha things aside from the set up and of course having fights.

It’s main draw is the cute girls and at times I feel like I’m watching a more generic moe show, it’s very rare that it actually goes full slice of life nothing happens kinda stuff, but it defiantly has a weird blend of that with mecha that causes it to just kinda be cute girls doing cute things and for some reason mechas are there.

Overall though I like this, this was able to make me actually enjoy a mech anime since more often than not I dislike them with this and Evangelion being the exceptions to that.

(Note: I’m not comparing this to Evangelion, those two are so far apart from each other in so many ways, it’s just that both are different enough for normal mechas to make me enjoy them, but for very different reasons)



The shows animation is nothing special, it’s about what I expected and doesn’t really do anything neat or cool looking, the transformations into mechs happen within a sphere so you don’t actually see it happen they just go from alien loli to alien mech in an instant.

Oh yer all the ones who can become mechs are Lolis minus one who’s a dude and even then his stuck in his mech state and also can’t move, so he’s basically dead but not really.

The voice acting is actually really good and that’s cause this shows got a lot of talent behind it with people like Sakura Ayane, Touyama Nao, and Yurika Kubo. The others are also great but I’m just giving you an example of what kinda talent we got here and also my super bias comes into play because Yurika Kubo.

But despite the great voice acting it’s not exactly memorable or special, none of the characters have voice tweaks or anything super interesting to say, I don’t remember how anyone sounded and that’s at no vault of the voice actors it’s just how it is. Which is a flaw of the show as a whole though.

The opening and ending theme are also super forgettable so I can’t even talk about them since I don’t remember them at all.

The background music is also a mess of stuff I don’t really remember.



Yui & Rena

Yuinshiel Astoria, or just Yui is the protagonist and queen of the new empire despite still being a school girl. Also despite being a schoolgirl someone ask for her measurements while she’s giving a briefing to the nations and guess what, she actually says them, however we as the audience doesn’t get to hear what they are.

Yui is a human girl and she has one of the loli aliens living with her, she however thinks that Rena, the loli alien, is her older sister.

Older sister because Rena being the alien that she is was born looking like a loli and thus stays that way for her entire life, it seems to be that the aliens are just born at whatever age and keep that body appearance and size for there entire lives.

So when Rena come down to earth and Yui’s mum took her in and made the two sisters she didn’t know that Rena would not physically grow in any way and she died before finding this out.

This leads to the classic Rena is the older sister but she’s small and Yui is the older looking and much more mature and dependable but younger sister that a lot of anime likes to do since K-On did it and that was popular.

I have no gripes with K-On but seriously guys it’s over done now and it doesn’t even change anything, like in this its just a throw away thing they do once and then it never really matters again if she’s younger or older.

In K-On it had reason and purpose and actually affected events and how things played out, okay, enough ranting.

Overall I actually like Yui enough, she’s nothing special really. She looks nice but her voice acting isn’t anything special and overall she doesn’t do much, at multiple points in the show she fails to be able to do anything without Rena.

At one point when Rena has to go away she basically is forced to do nothing but hide and whenever Rena loses control (because she’s bonding with a human and not another alien) Yui is never able to regain control of the mecha or stop herself from the danger she’s in from being stuck inside, instead Rena will either wake back up or the alternate Rena with red hair will come in and deus ex it. Funny thing she’s actually called deus ex, or was it just deus, either way it’s funny.


Tia & Sara

Tia and Sara Kleis are two aliens that are bonded, Tia is the loli who becomes a mech and Sara is the pilot. Sara is also the best because Yurika Kubo.

I really enjoy Sara and Tia for one very obvious reason, they’re freaking adorable. The two work off each other very well which makes sense since they’re actually sisters and look very similar, they do have a third I sister however she was captured and put under the control of Johann.

Tia and Sara came to earth in search of Rena and Kei (the other loli alien) they find Rena rather early and once they meet up then Tia/Sara and Rena/Yui always fight together as a team.

Pretty obvious at this point that the three loli aliens are the three sacred stars mentioned in the title of the show, for a majority of the show Rena and Tia have no idea about this power and even if they did they wouldn’t be able to activate it without Kei.

Tia and Sara are a little bit of comedic value, they of course have there importance and when they need to they can fight just as well as the others but they have the most silly moments, some slapstick and are just off in the background messing around sometimes.

Like when everyone finds the alien dude who is stuck as a mech and can’t move, Yui and Rena are off talking to his wife who is explaining how he ended up like that and then as we hear her explain we get a shot of Tia and Sara playing around on the mech and Tia sliding down one of the arms.

Either way these two are cute and when they need to they can defiantly fight along with the rest of them, I like them a lot.


Kei & Ingrid

So who is this Kei, well she’s the third alien loli that’s also a mech. She’s actually under control of Johann but in a different way to Tia and Sara’s sister, Kei is under his control without having to be chained into her mech form without a pilot.

It’s not fully explained what it is that caused this we just know that Kei is hooked up to a machine and Johann runs an experiment on her in order to gain control of her, he goes directly against what anyone thought he was going to do in order to do this and as a result Kei’s older sister (who I think is also a human pilot) Ingrid is forced to follow Johanns orders.

For a majority of the first half of the show Kei doesn’t say much as she’s actually just a lifeless shell of her former self, during this time Ingrid also doesn’t say much but she definitely does more talking then Kei who might as well not be there for how little she does in some episodes.

However after a battle of Johann and Kei/Ingrid vs. Tia/Sara and Yui/Rena which is one of the best fights in the series spanning quite a few episodes, Ingrid is able to get Tia and Rena to enter some kind of separate realm and then due to there connection to Kei.

Them being the three sacred stars and all, allows them to break her out of the mind control right before she’s about to shoot Ingrid. Which by the way was actually an extremely powerful moment, I almost cried during it because Kei hold the gun at Ingrid and before she’s about to do it a tear rolls down her check because the real Kei trapped inside doesn’t want to do this, a very powerful moment.

I will say it would of been more powerful if she had actually done it and then had to spend the rest of the series dealing with that fact but I digress. Once broken out of Johann’s control and it coming to light that he was the real mastermind the whole time and despite Ingrid being the queen of the old empire she never actually wanted to overthrow Yui and was fine to just find a new role in society as it was.

Ingrid is actually a really deep and a cool character, she has so much guilt and responsibility on her shoulders and with the help from the others and the real Kei she finally starts to try and be happy again.

Also this is a good to mention that a side character named Retsu has her very faith in a god restored at the sight of Kei. It’s a really weird but funny scene and I like the idea of Kei being so adorable that Retsu goes from being an atheist to a believer in some god.

Either way Ingrid looks way older than Sara or Yui so she actually almost looks like a mum to Kei, these two are really cute together regardless and have some of the most powerful moments together, plus with the three alien Lolis assembled they get to all form together like the power rangers and form a mega mech which they use to win the final battle, but that also involved some confusing BS with deus.



Then we have Johann, who at the start doesn’t seem like the main villain. Marshall clearly seems to be in a higher position and we know Ingrid is the queen of the old republic, it’s really not right until Kei is freed that we fully learn what has been going on this whole time.

It’s actually a pretty good twist and later on there’s like multiple Johann that show up, like one dies and then another shows up and he jumps off and a cliff but then there are like 10 of him.

Me and my friend who I watched this with has a series “ahhhhh” twist reaction and I liked that it was able to that, as I said this show was really surprising it’s defiantly exceeded my reputation.

So at first we think the enemy is the old republic but it’s really just a cover up that Johann is using in order to be able to act out his schemes in the background without seeming like the main leader and also hide behind the idea that it’s just the old empire wanting its power back.

I gotta say I do feel bad for Marshal, he died pretty early on being killed in his fight with Rena/Yui however he made it clear that he died happy cause he was helping Ingrid and the old empire with its ultimate goal however in the end he was only following Johann’s orders just though Ingrid since he had absolute control of her. He died fighting for what he believed in which was whatever Ingrid wanted, however he just needed up being a pawn in Johann’s game and overall didn’t really do anything for either side.

Although I will note that Johann has a weird mech, in the final battle when he enters his final form the mech has a very long and phallic object in a very specific place and it’s also what the girls hit and destroy in order to defeat, just gonna say… It’s weird.



Overall despite Regalia being a mess in its genre and kinda shooting itself in the foot by being a mecha anime that panders to a very different kind of audience I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The story is extremely generic and the presentation is nothing special outside of the voice acting but the characters are fun and I enjoyed my time with the show.

When it comes down to it, if I’m able to enjoy a show and have a good time watching it despite it flaws then that’s pretty good.

After all I sat through the whole show and for the most part had a good time, I watched it with a friend which may of made it more fun and thus is adding some extra bias but overall I don’t think it’s affecting the score too much since I did actually enjoy watching it and not just the events surrounding the watching of it.

Plus my real bias comes from Yurika Kubo being in the cast and I did have a hella good time watching it since I was with a friend.